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The Many Benefits of Proper Tire Inflations

Safety First
Your vehicle's tires need regular maintenance to perform day in and day out. Improper tier inflation will cause handling problems with your vehicle. This includes acceleration, braking or steering. Other safety devices Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), Traction Control Systems (TCS) and stability control systems may not function correctly with tires that are not properly inflated.

Fuel Consumption
Your vehicle run more efficiently with properly inflated tires With properly maintained tires, an average driver could save the equivalent of two weeks worth of gas every year.

The Environment
On an average, every gallon of fuel consumed by a vehicle causes over 5 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the air. Carbon dioxide (Co2) is a major factor in producing the “greenhouse” effect that contributes to climate change. Proper tire inflation helps increase fuel efficiency thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Latest News About Tire Safety

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